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Model 101 Pigeon Sporting
Model 101 Pigeon Sporting The Winchester Model 101 Pigeon Sporting is offered with a polished silver nitride receiver finish which is not only elegant, but at the same time resists wear and complements the oil finish on the Grade II/III walnut. Other worth mentioning features include the adjustable trigger shoe that allows the hunter to fine tune length of pull; a wide 10mm runway rib; mid-bead and TRUGLO TRU-BEAD competition front sight which eases the process of picking up targets. Offered with a 12 gauge, the Pigeon Sporting is available with a 30" or 32" barrel length and as standard comes included with a rugged molded ABS hard case.
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Category Brand GaugeChamber lengthBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Over & Under Winchester 122 3/430477
Model 2 Over & Under Winchester 122 3/432497.4
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  • Bobby S. says:
    Model 70 Coyote Light
    I own two of these. One in 22-250 Rem. and the other in .308 Win. I consider them a best buy and what I like the most about them is the low weight...
  • alex x. says:
    got it in the .308 winchester... versatile gun I'd have to say. Been using it for two years at coyote, fox and coon hunting...
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