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Rabbit Hunting Rifles & Shotguns

Rabbit hunting is most likely on the top 3 of the most popular hunting genres in the world, and there are a bundle of reasons for this situation. First of all, it is one of the easiest hunting styles, enjoyed by hunters of all types and ages. Second of all, the rabbit can be found in almost all regions, making it a desirable target in all four corners of the world. There are other reasons why it is so popular; one of them is the generous list of methods available to catch these furry animals.


Rabbit Hunting Guns

This creature is a small-sized animal which means that hunters do not need powerful rabbit hunting guns, what they do need is guns that offer accuracy. Rimfires are recommended for this type of hunting and before purchasing one, the hunter must think about caliber, weight, action, sights and fit.

A full size stock is advisable for adult hunters due to its perfect fit. The stock design and excellent balance are crucial for any type of rabbit rifle because the hunter will need a gun that can be handled both readily and quickly.


Rabbit Hunting Rifles

Being such a popular hunting activity, there are a lot of rabbit hunting rifle examples out there. Experts recommend using a light weight gun rather than purchasing a very light weight model because with the latter models, it can be quite difficult to keep the balance and take those deadly shots. Plus, extremely light weight models are also very expensive and they not offer what you pay the money. As far as the barrel is concerned, a 20-22 inches should do just fine for any type of rabbit hunting air rifles. To be more concrete, our reviewers have come up with a few ideas of reliable high quality hunting guns that can be used for rabbits: Winchester Model 77 Semi Automatic .22 Caliber Rifle, Crosman Rabbit Stopper .22 cal. CO2 Air Rifle, Gamo Hunter 1250, RWS 350 Magnum Pellet Gun .177 Caliber 1250 fps .22 1050 fps and the Meteor Mk6.


Rabbit Hunting Shotguns

Many hunters out there consider that a shotgun for rabbit hunting is the way to go here. While the 12 gauge is by far the most popular model, there are other hunters who derive great pleasure from hunting them with 20 gauges, 16 gauges and even the little .410. All people have various tastes and ideas of the perfect gauge or the perfect shot for use when rabbits or any other animal for that matter. This explains why, despite the proliferation of good, cheap brands of shotgun cartridges on the market these days, a lot of people continue to enjoy reloading. With reloading, very little is achieved in regard to cost effectiveness; it is simply a matter of a hunter gaining immense satisfaction by taking rabbits with his own tailor-made loads. Here are a few good ideas for rabbit hunting shotguns that our reviewers tested to be the best for this task: Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Winchester 1300, Savage 6A and the Winchester 1400 model.


Rabbit Hunting Scopes

After finding the suitable rifle, the hunter must look at the rabbit hunting scopes offers. For this purpose, a 3x-9x magnification scope should do the job. This will give the hunter the best compromise and versatility in that he can use the lower magnifications in difficult low light conditions, as this allows more light to reach the shooting eye of the hunter, or due to the wider field of view the lower end gives the hunter, he can check out the ground ahead for possible prey. Here are a few ideas of decent scopes to attach to any rabbit gun: Leupold VX-II, BSA Contender, Simmons White Tail Classic 6.5-20x50, Bushnell Elite 4200 4-16x AO and the Nikon Buckmasters 4.5-14x40mmSF.


Choosing the best rabbit rifle should be the job of every hunter out there. If you do a little bit of research you will get multiple answers to this issue. The reviewers on the site have come up with their own answer to the question: Which is the best gun for rabbit hunting? It has to be the Marlin Golden 39A Lever Action .22 Rimfire. This model is in fact the oldest continuously manufactured rifle in the world and that has to stand for something., the Marlin 39 began life as John Marlin's Model 1891 (used by Annie Oakley), redesigned as the 1897, then the Model 39 in 1922.


The choice of rabbit hunting guns has the most important step a hunter has to take which is why choosing the right model to suit the hunting style is crucial. Besides the gun itself, the rest of the hunting gear is just as important, regardless of the type of hunting conducted. Choose wisely and be patient.

M 03 De Luxe
rifle review
Probably the most elegant rifle Mauser ever made, this model benefits from hand-engraved leaf arabesques that cover the action as well as the trigger guard. The unit has been made by using a distinctive wood stock that brings out the true quality of this special model.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .222 Rem.Caliber: .222 Rem.
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 7 3/4Weight: 7 3/4 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 44Overall Length: 44 inch
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M 03 Solid
rifle review
Designed mostly for those hunters that prefer long distance shots, this model from Mauser comes with a thick barrel profile and the adjustable steel open sights. The model is also available in short barrel lengths and has a weight of approximately 8 1/8 lbs (3.7 kg).
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .308 Win.Caliber: .308 Win.
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 8 1/8Weight: 8 1/8 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 44Overall Length: 44 inch
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M 03 Match
rifle review
This Mauser is capable of combining exceptional accuracy with optimum balance. It was designed not only for hunters, but also for taking it to sporting competitions. The fluted barrel is optional, and the gun is available in several caliber configurations.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .222 Rem.Caliber: .222 Rem.
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 8 1/2Weight: 8 1/2 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 44Overall Length: 44 inch
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  • ryan k. tyler says:
    BPS 12 Gauge Stalker
    thanks to the top tang safety and the bottom ejection, both me (right-handed) and my son (left-handed) can use it...
  • travis kittell says:
    Mini-14 Mini Thirty
    only once jamed on me alittle on the high price been dropping deer and others for 4years I love it. ...
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