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The Internet is one of the first places where people come for any kind of information. Getting the right people to your website is one of the best ways to give them detailed information about your business, and a presence on HRR is the best way to get those qualified leads.

HRR is among the best online advertising channels connecting people in the hunting / firearms industries. Through a rich mix of premium display ad units we'll help your brand make memorable impressions that drive brand value and generate quality leads.

Whether you are a store owner and want to improve sales, you're having a contest and want to advertise it to the proper audience, or simply want to get quality targeted traffic for your business, HRR is a proven way of getting your message out and getting the proper exposure. And having an online ad on HRR is easier than ever - contact us for more details.

HRR advertising offer

- 160x600 banner on all pages
- 300x250 banner on all game pages
- 300x250 banner on all brand pages
- 600x80 banner on homepage
- 600x80 banner on all individual gun reviews

Below you can see a preview of the advertising spots.
HRR Advertising Spots
  • Niles K. says:
    887 Nitro Mag Bone Collector
    This is the real deal. For any type of bird/waterfowl hunting, this it what you should use...
  • Marlon x. says:
    Model 10 BAS-K
    Got this rifle with the .308 win caliber, best mony I ever spent...
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