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Moose Rifles | Moose Hunting Guns

Northern Europe and North America still has plenty of moose hunting enthusiasts, with a solid population of hunters in Alaska, the state where the moose is the official symbol. As far as Europe is concerned, Norway and Sweden are the most important countries where moose hunting is quite popular. In the last few years, because of the restrictive habitat conditions, moose hunting populations have diminished and so as the hunting expeditions. 


Moose Hunting Guns

Choosing the most suitable firearm from the long list of moose hunting guns can be very difficult. Any moose hunter must get a gun that it is comfortable, which is why experts recommend to try out the gun before purchasing in order to avoid unwanted surprises. Many moose hunters out there use the standard 30/06 to take down these large animals.

There are others who enjoy using larger calibers like the .300 Winchester or even the .375 H&H. Simply put, any rifle that is capable of shooting a bullet of 150 grains at 2500 FPS will be a good moose gun. Other suitable calibers would be the .308, the .300 magnum and the .338 magnum.


Moose Hunting Rifles

Regardless of your choice for a moose hunting rifle, avid hunters in the domain strongly advise other hunters to purchase a telescopic sight for their rifles because almost all of the shooting will be done at relatively large distance that impose the need of a scope for an accurate shot. The maximum recommended distance to shoot is 300 yards because from this point on, the trajectory drops of significantly, for all types of calibers. Our visitors recommended us the following moose rifles: Remington 700 CDL, Remington Model 40-XB Rangemaster, Winchester Super X Rifle, Winchester Model 1885 and the Winchester Wildcat Bolt Action 22.


Moose Hunting Shotguns

The list of moose hunting shotguns is quite limited because of the distance at which the shots are made, but those of you that still want to use a shotgun for taking down a moose, premium and heavy slugs should be used. It is advisable to use a 12 gauge but still at closer distances. A shotgun, even loaded with the most potent slugs is still on the weak side for hunting something as big as a moose. Here is a list of five shotguns that are somewhat suitable for hunting moose: Mossberg 935, Winchester Super X2, Beretta 391, Savage Model 110 and the Winchester Model 70.


Moose Hunting Scopes

Taking down such a large animal from a considerable distance can be done much easier by purchasing a from the long list of moose hunting scopes a model that has a variable scope of 2.5x to 8x as it is just what you will need for both stand and still hunting. If your priorities are still-hunting, experienced hunters recommend the standard objective lenses because the oversize 50 mm optics requires a high mount and as a result the shooter sacrifices critical seconds trying to aim. It is much easier as well as faster to line up the scope with standard mounts and furthermore, that big chunk of glass on the large-objective scopes can feel like a 50-pound weight after you have toted it around all day. Here are a few examples of solid scopes: Nikon Buckmaster, Bushnell Elite 3200, Weaver Classic V Series, Leupold Vari-X II and any model from Zeiss.


The answer to the question: Which is the best moose hunting rifle? – is not that simple. There are many options available on the market today, some are affordable, and some are expensive. Plus, there is also the subjectivity issue. From what our readers suggested, from their own personal experiences, the best gun for moose hunting has to be the Remington Model 750 which is probably the most popular big game rifle of its kind. There are many variations of this semi-auto, like the 74, 7400, 740 and 742, all of them are very good for big game hunting, including moose.


The right choice of moose hunting guns depends mostly on the available budget, the style of the hunter and the area which the hunting expeditions will be conducted. Experienced hunters recommend using a rifle for this type of hunting, because shotguns are quite inappropriate for such a task, taking into consideration the fact that the shots will be made from significant distances. All things considered, the hunter can find all the necessary equipment for moose hunts and with a little bit of research, he will find it without spending the entire budget.

BLR Lt Wt '81 Stainless Takedown
rifle review
Another BLR model from Browning, this one is a little bit special as it has a satin finish gray laminate stock with a checkered straight grip. In addition, the unit has been fitted with separates for storage or transportation, along with a recoil pad. An optional scout-style scope mount is available.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle 223 Rem.Caliber: 223 Rem.
Lever-ActionSubtype: Lever-Action 6.8Weight: 6.8 lbs.
BrowningBrand: Browning 40Overall Length: 40 inch
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BAR Zenith Big Game
rifle review
Designed mostly for big game hunting, this Browning BAR model has a Grade 3.0 walnut, gloss oil finish stock that features a stylized forearm and fine line checkering. It is offered with interchangeable recoil pads and the sling swivel studs are installed.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle 7mm WSMCaliber: 7mm WSM
SemiautomaticSubtype: Semiautomatic 7.1Weight: 7.1 lbs.
BrowningBrand: Browning 41Overall Length: 41 inch
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rifle review
The TRG-42 has a solid vault-like action that has been cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy. It benefits from integral 17 mm axial scope mounting rails with integral recoil stop-slots located on top of the gun's receiver. The bolt lift is only 60 degrees for a fast bolt throw.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle 300 Win MagCaliber: 300 Win Mag
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 11 1/4Weight: 11 1/4 lbs.
SakoBrand: Sako 47 1/4Overall Length: 47 1/4 inch
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  • David Hightower says:
    870 Wingmaster
    Best Shotgun EVER made for the money. Handle it... practice with it... love it... it will take anything you aim for. Why pay more.....
  • tigguy says:
    Predator Hunter MAX 1
    We bought 3 of these rifles and all shoot .5MOA or under with our handloads...
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