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85 Bavarian Carbine
85 Bavarian Carbine The Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine is a full stocked hunting carbine developed for those hunters that admire the beauty of walnut and black steel combined to a nice carrying, hard shooting hunting gun. It features a traditional full-length stock with rosewood "snabel" and thanks to its classic checkering pattern, it provide both traditional looks and functionality. In addition, it has a Bavarian cheek piece and comb.
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Category Brand CaliberBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Bolt-Action Sako 22-250 Rem20406 7/8
Model 2 Bolt-Action Sako 243 Win20406 7/8
Model 3 Bolt-Action Sako 260 Rem20406 7/8
Model 4 Bolt-Action Sako 308 Win20406 7/8
Model 5 Bolt-Action Sako 338 Federal20406 7/8
Model 6 Bolt-Action Sako 25-06 Rem2040 3/87
Model 7 Bolt-Action Sako 6.5x55 SE2040 3/87
Model 8 Bolt-Action Sako 270 Win2040 3/87
Model 9 Bolt-Action Sako 7x642040 3/87
Model 10 Bolt-Action Sako 30-06 Sprg2040 3/87
Model 11 Bolt-Action Sako 8x57IS2040 3/87
Model 12 Bolt-Action Sako 9.3x622040 3/87
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  • Thomas S. says:
    1100 Premier Sporting
    i was able to shoot my first 25 straight with it. I like the loong length and the smooth swing. The felt recoil is almost inexistent...
  • Rodney T. Stone says:
    Model 70 Extreme Weather
    Bought one about one year ago in .30-06 Spfld. It consistently shoots 1 MOA, sometimes even better if I'm trying hard...
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