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700 XCR II Bone Collector Edition
700 XCR II Bone Collector Edition Part of the 700 XCR II family, the Bone Collector Edition was designed to be resistant in any given environment, regardless of the extreme weather. The BCE benefits from Remington's corrosion and scratch resistant technology as well as the insertion of rubberized overlmolding in strategic areas. Similar to the standard model, it is drilled and tapped for scope mounting. The caliber available for this Bone Collector Edition is the .30-06 Spglfd. with a 24" Matte Black TriNyte barrel. This BCE version also sports the proprietary X-Mark Pro Trigger System for bringing an ultimate level of crispiness and absolute shot control.
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Category Brand CaliberBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Bolt-Action Remington .30-06 Spgfld.2444-1/27.4
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Model: 1
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  • Markel Stevenson says:
    Youth Package Series 11FYXP3
    Looks terrific!and shoots just as well. best gun i ever had hands down. At a 100 yrd range, I can shoot a 2/3 - 3/4 in group...
  • mikey says:
    Bolt-Action Centerfire Target
    great rifle!! the best i've owned...! it works good with all sorts of ammo i throw it. if you buy one, be careful as the accu-trigger is set LIGHT...
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