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Sako Firearms | Sako Rifles & Shotguns Reviews

SAKO - Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Oy, Civil Guard Gun and Machiningworks Ltd is a firearm manufacturer in Finland that opened its doors in 1927 when it was originally named Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunnan Asepaja (Civil Guard Supreme Staff Gun Works).

In the present, SAKO is entirely owned by Beretta Holdings and is located in Riihimäki after moving from Helsinki where it was originally situated.

For several decades the Sako guns have benefited from the latest technologies by integrating its knowledge of both rifle and cartridge production, making some of the best firearms in the world.

SAKO is one of the few manufactures that produces both hunting rifles and cartridges for the end user. The SAKO rifles are available in a wide array of options, starting with the Safari, Bavarian, Deluxe, Classic and ending with the Varmint and Finnlight, all of them taking part of the famous SAKO 85 family.

The customer can also purchase a couple of reliable SAKO shotguns from the QUAD family of products.


Sako Rifles

The SAKO rifles Model 85 are some of the best in the world and for their 2010 edition, they come in different forms. The limited edition Safari comes with a premium handmade stock finished in Presentation grade walnut that features traditional hand-cut checkering and ebony fore-end tip and pistol grip cap. Another Sako hunting rifle is the Kodiak edition of the 85 Model. It features a short, totally free-floating barrel that is cold hammer-forged of stainless steel and comes with adjustable open sights for optimal precision and accuracy. The stock has a classic design, made out of gray matte-lacquered laminated hardwood and reinforced with two cross-bolts. Some of their most important centerfire rifles are the Varmint, Synthetic Stainless, Classic, Deluxe and Bavarian Carbine. They also offer a couple of rimfire rifles like the Quad Pro Hunter Pro, Synthetic, Heavy Barrel and the Varmint Edition.


The best SAKO rifle is without any doubt the 85 Model, which is a significant improvement over the older 75 Hunter model which set a standard at its time. The Model 85 action is available in caliber-specific sizes, matching cartridge length to overall size of action. This looks significantly nicer and means that the length of bolt travel directly corresponds to the effort needed to cycle a particular cartridge length, unlike the T3 Model, where one size fits all. It is very nice finished, with a deep satin non-reflective treatment; the SAKO's action is a well-constructed unit that many custom-rifle builders will favor as a donor action. The 85’s integral scope rails on top of the receiver with their tapered bias have always remained a firm favorite for positive, accurate scope alignment and secure grip. The ejection port on the right side gives clean access to the top of the magazine. Available in different versions and editions, it is one of the best hunting rifles in the world.


Sako Rifle Scopes

Optilock is a family of Sako rifle scope mounts like bases and rings, ring mounts and quickmont. The Optilock bases and rings are machined directly from a solid block of steel, Cr-Mo alloy or stainless, just like the rifles SAKO manufactures. The front bases have a solid angled left side and a similarly angled right side with a clamping device. The Optilock ring mounts items are precisely machined out of solid steel in order to ensure perfect mating with the integral receiver tapered scope mount rails from SAKO and optimal scope alignment. The Optilock mount rings feature a patented spherical fastening ring which makes scope mounting considerably easier even to the amateur hunter. The protective sleeve ensures that the scope body will not be scratched nor will suffer any kind of damage during the mounting operation.  The SAKO Optilock Quickmount offers adjustable levers which makes them easier to remove and remount. The levers can be fully adjusted to any desired position.


The SAKO firearms are one of the most reputable hunting rifles in the world and with a history of almost a century, the quality is guaranteed by experienced an exquisite craftsmanship. The 85 Model is a living legend, a descendent of the 75 Model which brought innovative technologies at an affordable price to the avid hunter, regardless of the game hunted.

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The rifle has a solid vault-like action that has been cold hammer-forged by using special steel alloy. The gun's magazine is a detachable reliable center fed box type. The model has a double-stage trigger pull that is adjustable form 2 to 5 lbs and it is also adjustable in length and horizontal/vertical pitch.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle 308 WinCaliber: 308 Win
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 10 1/4Weight: 10 1/4 lbs.
SakoBrand: Sako 45 1/4Overall Length: 45 1/4 inch
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The TRG-42 has a solid vault-like action that has been cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy. It benefits from integral 17 mm axial scope mounting rails with integral recoil stop-slots located on top of the gun's receiver. The bolt lift is only 60 degrees for a fast bolt throw.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle 300 Win MagCaliber: 300 Win Mag
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 11 1/4Weight: 11 1/4 lbs.
SakoBrand: Sako 47 1/4Overall Length: 47 1/4 inch
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Quad Varmint
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Thanks to its flat-bottomed extra wide fore end and heavier barrel, the Quad Varmint is perfect not only for hunting, but also for bench-rest target shooting. It packs a single-stage trigger that is adjustable from 2 to 4 lbs and is also available with a single set trigger mechanism.
Rimfire RifleType: Rimfire Rifle 22 LRCaliber: 22 LR
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 7 3/4Weight: 7 3/4 lbs.
SakoBrand: Sako 40 3/8Overall Length: 40 3/8 inch
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  • Tom Gonsoulin says:
    M48 Custom Sporter
    Accurate,light weight easy to carry rifle, sturdy, well balanced. On the downside it is not a very attractive rifle. ...
  • mark peter says:
    Silver Lightning
    good gun, but not 100% accurate. still, it can give you quite some feelings !!!...
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