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Ruger Firearms | Ruger Rifles & Shotguns Reviews

The company was founded in 1949 by William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Sturm in Southport in a small rented machine shop. Since the company started manufacturing they have produced more than 20 million firearms and they now offer hundreds of models for hunting but also self-defense, target shooting and law enforcement. It is the only full-line manufacturer of American-Made firearms, and offers consumers over 400 variations of more than 70 products across 25 product lines. The Ruger guns are known for their reliability and accuracy in any type of environment.

From the 2010 catalog, the most important Ruger rifles are the M77 Hawkeye which is available in the following series: standard, ultra light, compact, African, Sporter, Tactical, Predator and others. The M77 Mark II is represented by the Target and Magnum Editions. Ruger also offers single-shot rifles like the Light Sporter, Varminter, Tropical and others. The Red Laber Ruger shotguns are available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 28 gauge variants. Double action revolvers like the LCR, SPS 101 or the Super Redhawk are main components of the 2010 catalog. With this year, Ruger has introduced several brand new models like the 10/22 Carbine .22 LR Autoloading Rifle, the SR-556 6.8 SPC Autoloading Rifle or the Vaquero SASS .45 Colt Single-Action Revolver which features the pre-1962 "XR-3" style, steel grip frame and black, checkered grips with SASS logo grip medallion.


Ruger Rifles

The Ruger rifles are some of the most popular in the world and the autoloading models are no exception to this rule. The 10/22 Carbine or the SR-22 is the best in their class at a unbeatable price. From their current catalog, the most important centerfire Ruger hunting rifle is the No.1 Varminter. Other important examples of rifles are the M77 Predator, M77 Mark II Magnum, Medium Sporter and the Ultra Light M77 Hawkeye. The company also offers some of the best rimfire guns available today, the 2010 catalog brings to the end user the 22 Charger Standard, the Mark III Target and Competition, the 22/45 Bull Barrel and Hunter.


Ruger Shotguns

Ruger shotguns available in either a 12, 20 or 28 gauge have an elegant American Walnut stock and a finely polished receiver finish. The barrel finish is blue and the material used for it is top quality alloy steel. The 28” Ruger shotgun is available with a barrel length of 26” or 28”. For such a big shotgun, the weight is only 6 lbs making it very easy to handle in the most difficult situations. The 28 gauge features a 2.75” chamber and has a length of pull of 14.12”. Just like the 12 gauge, it has a finely polished receiver finish and a blue barrel finish made out of alloy steel.


By far the best Ruger rifle is the epic 10/22 semi-automatic rimfire model, chambered in .22 long rifle. The gun features a 10 round rotary magazine which permits the magazine to fit flush with the bottom of the stock. From 1998 to 2006, a magnum version chambered for the .22 WMR was produced by Ruger. The standard and legendary version of the 10/22 was initially launched in 1964 and is still in production. It was and still is available in a wide array of versions; some of the most important include the Compact, Sporter and the Target Tactical.


Ruger firearms have played an important role in the development of the hunting rifles, one relevant example is the 10/22 which is one of the most successful semi-automatic rimfire hunting rifles ever produced. Centerfire pistols like the LCP with its blued, through-hardened steel slide and black, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame are a point of reference in their category. The Single Six, which is a single action revolver, is another example of innovative design plus it offers a precision-adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation, allowing many types of ammo.

Red Label 28 Gauge
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It sports a dovetailed, free-floating rib with a brass bead front sight that is stress-relieved and has a contour-ground profile. In addition, it has been precisely fitted and silver-brazed (not soft-soldered) to the finished monoblock. It comes with a reliable, single mechanical trigger and unbreakable firing pins.
ShotgunType: Shotgun 28Gauge: 28
Over & UnderSubtype: Over & Under 6Weight: 6 lbs.
RugerBrand: Ruger 43.50Overall Length: 43.50 inch
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Red Label 20 Gauge
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It comes bundled with five steel shot compatible, screw-in Briley chokes and a wrench. It features two Skeet chokes as well as one Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder choke, plus one premium-quality choke tube wrench. It has a sleek and compact locking system, great for over-and-under shotguns.
ShotgunType: Shotgun 20Gauge: 20
Over & UnderSubtype: Over & Under 7.25Weight: 7.25 lbs.
RugerBrand: Ruger 43.50Overall Length: 43.50 inch
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Red Label 12 Gauge
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It is available with a finely polished, stainless steel receiver that is resistant to corrosion and has no exposed screws or pins. The engraved model features stylish scrolling and gold-inlaid pheasant pattern on both sides of the receiver. It sports a reliable, single mechanical trigger and sturdy pins.
ShotgunType: Shotgun 12Gauge: 12
Over & UnderSubtype: Over & Under 7.50Weight: 7.50 lbs.
RugerBrand: Ruger 43.50Overall Length: 43.50 inch
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    A-Bolt II Hunter
    I purchased this very own model a month ago or so. I have to admit that I never owned a Browning rifle before...
  • george phantom says:
    Maxus Rifled Deer, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
    i love taking down deer with this. i had a hard time getting used to it at first but now i can say that i've become pretty good at it...
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