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Windham Weaponry revamped snow camouflage varmint exterminator

As usual this year's SHOT Show was well attended and showcased an abundance of both quality and innovative designs. One company who was very much in the ascendancy was Windham Weaponry, who presented details of their new line of AR's aimed at the budget-conscious, plus a revamped varmint exterminator.

The new rifles are built on carbon fiber receivers, with barrels that are created as an M4-type, with a gas block on the front rail of rudimentary polymer CAR furniture. Almost one pound of weight could well be shifted from the final version due to the use of non-standard materials.
Although the concluding specifications were not revealed, the general feeling amongst the well-versed was that there was a strong likelihood of a cost reduction of as much as $150, which if were to prove to be the case, would mean the weapon being extremely popular. 
This line of manufacture is something of a step back to the undertakings of Bushmaster, who owned the facilities of Windham's prior to their closing and subsequent purchase by the investment group. The one problem they might encounter is re-establishing their reputation for genuine quality, since the Bushmaster versions became known for their lack of durability, or possibly more importantly their accuracy, but Windham seem to have total confidence in their product.
They did demonstrate their revamped varmint exterminator, which in its new guise is a full-length 20-inch rifle, with an A2 butt-stock and snow camouflage finish. It is now chambered in .223 Remington which has a 1-in-8 inch twist rate for bullets of all types of weights, plus a railed front sight block. 
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    Best Squirrel getter in my stable!...
  • bmiller says:
    Pump Centerfire Rifle
    accurate up to 300 yds reliable nice handling balanced well fast follow up shots ...
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