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Weatherby Series 2 Vanguard

It has long been accepted that the Vanguard by Wetherby has been an excellent value rifle since its conception and all the signs are that the second series of this terrific bolt action hunting weapon will surpass those ratings even further, and what is more, it is at a fabulously affordable price.

Safety with guns is always paramount and a new intermediate locking position on this new design allows more scope in the loading and unloading action, plus a 2-stage pull on the trigger mechanism, giving it a a crisper feel. Its weight is also adjustable, able to be reduced down to just 2.5 pounds.
The stock on this new Weatherby has a very distinctive design and has very useful rubber inserts on the grip. The accuracy is of leading quality too, consequently it is of little surprise that this series 2 is proving very popular. 
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  • maxwell K. says:
    Classic American Rimfire
    managed to get my hands on one of these with a laminate stainless steel stock...
  • Tom Gonsoulin says:
    M48 Custom Sporter
    Accurate,light weight easy to carry rifle, sturdy, well balanced. On the downside it is not a very attractive rifle. ...
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