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Weatherby's New Vanguard Series


Vanguards second series of rifles are extremely solid, thus making them a sure fire hit with enthusiasts. They have 2-stage adjustable triggers, with internal magazines and a detachable box. These rifles are expected to retail at around $400 to $900, which is a little pricey, but you do get what you pay for.
In addition, Weatherby are also adding a brand new Mark V rifle, which is the Accumark .338 Lapua. It has been rated at a staggering 1,000 yards, yet weighs in at a remarkably light 9 pounds. With its free-floating barrel and recessed target crown, this is a gem of a weapon, and the price does reflect this at a tidy $2000, but again a quality product demands a high fee.
The accuracy, comfort and general appearance of these new Weatherby guns is there for all to see, and the initial interest shown is highly encouraging for the company. Huge numbers of the rifles are expected to be manufactured and sales figures are expected to be very good.
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  • John Crider says:
    BAR Safari
    i own one in .338 win mag best gun i've ever bought, a little pricy, i paid 1,300 for mine. got it with the muzzle break and BOSS, extremely accurate...
  • mellord bronson says:
    700 XCR II Mountain Elk Foundation
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