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US importing Anschutz MRS RX22

The recently unveiled Anschutz MRS RX22 that has been such a hit in Europe is now to be imported into the United States much to the delight of those in the hunting circles who have been keeping an eye on proceedings. This German developed weapon is an upgrade of the MK22 with the addition of the much heralded Anschutz trigger and barrel, which has transformed it into a competition and hunting-style gun.

The barrel features a specially adapted target crown, whilst the trigger has single-stage components which are designed to produce consistency in release by a hardening process. It is factory set to a steady 4 pounds but adjustment can take it down to as little as 3.3 and up as far as 5.5, giving it terrific flexibility. Its ability to be used in as many as 6 different cocking-handle locations gives it a real competitive edge.
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