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The Savage Lady Hunter

Earlier in the year Savage released an innovative new rifle designed specifically for the fairer sex in the form of the Lady Hunter. Initial feedback is that these have really struck a chord with the female hunters. Adjustments in front-end weight and overall length to accommodate their obvious physical restrictions have particularly gone down well.

The cynics had a field day to begin with, but have fell noticeably quiet of late as realization kicks in that this is a cracking piece of kit. The handling attributes of the gun actually appeal to the shorter man too, with specifications more suited to their build.
With further adaptations being considered to account for slight improvements to the stock that are being recommended, the excellent sales figures are expected to improve still further. Even at the half way stage of 2012, the Savage Lady Hunter is a front runner for new rifle of the year.
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  • Mike Antonio says:
    Weather Warrior Series
    This is the best bolt action rifle for dollar value and performance I've seen. I custom ordered a Weather Warrior,7mm mag, medium weight 26" barrel...
  • Mark richardson says:
    I bought mine about 5 years ago and ever since then i used it for quail hunting...
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