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Every so often there comes along a weapon which just simply stands out from the rest and that is certainly something that can be attributed to the Sako TRG-42 in .338 Lapua.

This hugely impressive piece of machinery is right out of the top draw with its spacious hammer forged barrel and bolt action lift at just 60 degrees, giving it a remarkable feed through from double stack tapering.
The aluminum stock is exceptionally strong, plus an adjustable cheek-piece allows for both horizontal and vertical shift. Indeed this fabulous rifle can be adjusted to individual preferences in almost every position imaginable.
The fact that it may well be priced out of most people's reach seems to matter little, sometimes it is good to simply admire from afar.
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  • Kenny S. Johnson says:
    Model 101 Sporting
    Got this from my wonderfull wife on my 60th birtdhay. It was the best gift i ever received...
  • George Orswell says:
    870 Express Slug
    The adjustable stock of this model is very easy to set and the interchangeable front site pin are a plus for different shooting conditions...
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