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The Pack-Rifle - a take-down weapon or innocent fishing pole

The Pack-Rifle is an intriguing design, as it not only is a single-shot .22 take-down rifle but also doubles as an innocuous fishing pole. This is because built into the butt of the 15.5 ounce weapon is a small angling aid of rod and reel, that is perfectly concealed and has no adverse effect on the usage of the rifle for its primary purpose.  

The aluminium receiver with a chrome-lined steel pencil barrel has a carbon fibre sleeve for added strength. Developed over a number of years, this gun has had its critics, mainly focusing on the lack of safety and trigger guards, however, due to the fact that it is a single-shot rifle, the manufacturers rightly feel the criticism is unjust, because the features that have been highlighted, are unnecessary in such a weapon.
The demand for this unique piece of equipment is marked, even though the cost is a little high, but to be fair, these are not the most straight forward of designs, so the price is probably about right. There is nothing else like it on the market, so for those that feel they could utilize the double usage, it represents a great purchase.
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  • alex x. says:
    got it in the .308 winchester... versatile gun I'd have to say. Been using it for two years at coyote, fox and coon hunting...
  • stewart k. says:
    Mini-14 Tactical
    I owned the short version for a couple of years and it worked like a charm...
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