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The new Ruger American rifle

Set to be released in a matter of days, the new American Rifle is the company's long awaited entry into the low-end hunting rifle market. It has a full-body, 3 lug bolt and an adjustable new trigger. Its tang safety allows the gun's action to be cycled whilst it is on safe mode. The rifle feeds from a rotary magazine of four-rounds, has an overall length of 42.5 inches, plus a 22-inch barrel, and crucially, it has an ideal hunting weight of 6.25 pounds.

The power bending system incorporates stainless steel blocks, which are insert molded into a black synthetic lightweight stock, featuring a soft rubber recoil pad. The design compliments a quick and easy handling process. The latest manufacturing techniques have come to the fore with this creation, and promise to take the accuracy to an exceptional level, whether in the short, or long action caliber versions.
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  • John Crider says:
    BAR Safari
    i own one in .338 win mag best gun i've ever bought, a little pricy, i paid 1,300 for mine. got it with the muzzle break and BOSS, extremely accurate...
  • Lewis H. says:
    T-Bolt Sporter
    It is an extremely awesome gun and it very accurate sighted it in with 7 shots at 100 yards. I use it mostly on coons and works great...
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