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The New Mauser Rifle The M12

There is a new rifle available on the market, and it will definitely please the shooters that have been waiting for a new-comer in the domain. The Mauser 12 is the newest product of the Mauser company. It maintains the typical classical features, mixing them with updates of previously produced rifles. 

The length and weight are the same, and the shooters can still enjoy the famous rifles. Without having lost its ability of being easily handled, the M12 continues the series of reliable rifles, offering good quality.
Having a high degree of accuracy and precision, being affordable and fitted for every shooter, the new rifle has a promising future ahead of it. 
Designed in an old fashioned manner, fully customizable for mountain hunters, with wooden or synthetic material stock, the rifle provides shooters with an old school appearance, but also with today’s quality of manufacturing products, which is greatly admired by experienced hunters. The Mauser 12 shows availability in different cartridges, from standard to magnum, in any configuration. Its impressive shooting capabilities are shown with the help of a moving bolt and efficient reloading.
The rifle comes in two versions, M12 and M12 Extreme features. While the first is provided with a wooden stock, the latter has a synthetic one. Both of them have a special mechanism, which makes them quite silent. A direct locking over the barrel ensures a good shooting performance.
Combining old and new elements in a way that makes the rifle usable by a traditional shooters but also new-comers, the Mauser 12 offers a great experience while hunting.
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  • Ronny K. says:
    M77 Hawkeye Standard
    got it for my birtthday last year. i was surprised to find out that it was accurate right of the box...
  • Thomas H. says:
    700 CDL SF
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