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The Kimber Mountain Ascent Value Rifle

The Kimber Mountain Ascent rifle is attracting all the plaudits for its outstanding value for money, with its multiple features and sleek look. The weight is one of its major strengths and selling points. The short action version weighs in at just 4 pounds and 13 ounces, with the longer interpretation just few pounds heavier making it the lightest of its type anywhere.

It has a very distinctive pattern on the stock and is fluted in every conceivable part especially the barrel. It chambers wonderfully, accepting .35's in the stainless adaptation of the gun. The price is certainly competitive at a little over $2,000 and has drawn favorable comments from those in the know within the industry. 
It may be an acquired taste, but it will be hard to criticize once you try it out. Indeed, if you do get the opportunity to test it, the chances are it will be followed very shortly by a purchase, such is the rifles immediate appeal.
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