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The CZ-USA 455 Precision Trainer Rifle

As training rifles go, the CZ-US 455 Precision is right up there with the very best of them. For those practising the art of shooting what they really need concentrate on first and foremost is accuracy, the more technical aspects can follow afterwards. 

This terrific piece of kit allows much easier handling, with an adjustable trigger and consequently aim is improved. It has a hand-laid high temperature epoxy resin fibreglass and carbon fiber composite stock, with a cold hammer forged barrel, leaving it with a perfect weight ratio all around. 
It has been designed and developed to create an identical look and feel to the tactical versions, but at the same time permitting more freedom for the user. They can easily be customized to suit your particular size and strength making it the ideal training companion. 
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  • Stanley Gibson says:
    Model 10 Precision Carbine
    This is a great gun to drop any dream buck....
  • Joe Ingram says:
    700 Sendero II
    Great long range rifle. It's too bulky for stalking but from a blind or stand it can't be beat....
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