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Ten-year-old Suspended for Making a Gun with his Finger

A ten-year-old boy from Ohio was suspended last week, after having used a “level two lookalike firearm” pointed at another kid’s head.


The officials claim that this type of play is forbidden, while the boy’s father considers that they are the ones who are acting childish.


According to the Devonshire Alternative Elementary School Principal Patricia Price, students were given numerous warning about these actions and were told that they will have to suffer consequences. The school had adopted a no-tolerance policy, according to the legislation adopted in 2013, and this position was mentioned in the newsletters sent to the families.


That explains the fact that the teacher was the first one to notice Nathan and immediately separated Nathan from other students.


Entingh, the boy’s father, admits that he would have agreed with any type of punishment, but that a three day suspension seems excessive.

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