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Teen Robber Gets Shot by Store Owner

It was a quiet night for most people in Roanoke, Virginia. On the night of 29th January, Hussain, a convenience store owner was at his shop, when a man armed with a gun walked into the store and demanded money and cigarettes.


Although the thief had his face covered, Hussain still recognized him, as he came frequently into the store to buy cigarettes. After being threatened with a gun, the store owner opened the register to give him money, as well as cigarettes. Impressed by his victim’s willing to cooperate, Greene had decided to browse through the shelves.


Little did he know that Hussain was looking for his own gun. He managed to fire several shots, of which one reached Greene’s shoulder. Eventually, he ran out of bullets, but the altercation with a fight outside the store.


Greene managed to escape, but police found him a short time afterwards. He is now charged with robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, even though he threatened Hussain with a pellet gun.


Hussain suffered minor injuries, but he was able to re-open his shop the following day. He is out of charge.

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  • Mike S. says:
    1100 Classic Trap
    Good gun, but very heavy. Will surely hurt your arm if you keep it for a long period of time in an unproper position. So watch out !...
  • Dexter T. says:
    M 03 Solid
    i`m a long distance hunter myself and have been using one of these for some time now. It is also very good on driven hunts...
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