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Super X3 $100 Shopping Spree Extended

The offer is valid for those customers that purchased a new 3 ½” Super X3 shotgun between May 1st and January 31st, 2011. The product/products must be acquired from the exact same retailer at the same time the shotgun is purchased. The maximum reimbursement amount Winchester is offering is $100 (excluding the sales tax). It is limited to one offer per person and all of the buyers must be legal residents or citizens of the US. It is not valid with any other promotion or offer.


Taken from Winchester’s website, here are a few short steps to benefit from this offer:


  1. Purchase a Super X3;
  2. During the same day at the same dealer, at the same store, buy anything up to $100 worth;
  3. Keep your dated sales recipes (for both the gun and whatever else you bought);
  4. Ask the dealer to give you a copy of your BATFE Form 4473 which you filled when you got the Super X3;
  5. Fill out the coupon, don’t leave out anything, double check;
  6. Send the coupon to Winchester.
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  • Colorado Hunting says:
    Super X3 Rifled Deer Cantilever Mossy Oak
    I use a SX3 shotgun here in Colorado, exclusively and the Super X3 Rifled Deer Cantilever Mossy Oak is the only choice as well....
  • bobby za furkiller says:
    A-Bolt TCT Varmint
    i'd give this gun a 10 out of 10. used it for some coons and rabbits, and it did great! i absolutely love my baby...
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