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Side Folder Assembly Kit with Stock from MPA

The Master Piece Arms, specialized in personal protection and defense, is a small yet popular company which produces pistols, rifles and suppressors, as well as their components. The most famous is the Protector Series, which ensures the safety of the whole family.
The company has launched on the market a new assembly kit. It contains a side folder mechanism, a L-Bracket, a stock adapter, fasteners and their famous padded stock. The kit has quite a few products at a fairly good price. Nevertheless, buyers should take into account that installing it requires the registration of the gun as a short-barreled rifle.
What is even more fascinating is that, by offering the side folder assembly kit separately, people will now be able to switch their pistols from MPA to SRBs and swap them out of the fixed stock. 
The stock locks both when opened and closed and is provided with many internal attachments. It comes in two models, one for 9mm pistols and carbines, and other for .45 ACP models.
The separate assembly kit is very useful and has many great things to offer. The firearm changes completely with it. 
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  • becker T. says:
    CUB Mini Youth .22 LR
    Got this for my kid a couple of years ago, once it was available at a local gun shop near where I live...
  • Leonard H. says:
    M77 Hawkeye Sporter
    This is one hell of an accurate rifle! Lsat week I took 5 shots to sight in @ 100 yards...
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