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Savage Launches 2011 Lineup

The first model was the Light Weight Hunter. With the short action configuration it has a weight of only 5.5 lbs while in the long action it is 6 lbs. It comes with a slimmed down oil-finish American Walnut stock, hinged floorplate, AccuTrigger and a 20-inch light-taper barrel.

The Bear Hunter is another new model for 2011 and features a 23-inch medium-contour, fluted barrel that includes the proprietary patented twist on/off muzzle brake. Like the Light Weight Hunter, it comes with the AccuStock which this time is in Mossy Oak Infinity. The hinged floorplate sports an attractive bear paw logo. Available both in short and long action configurations.

Savage’s Walking Varminter has a curb weight of less than 7 lbs. It packs a trimmed-down reduced-diameter action that was designed especially for small calibers, which are mostly used for varmints. It comes with a medium-contour barrel, a detachable box magazine and the AccuTrigger.

Another interesting model would have to be the Model 12 Long Range Precision that sports a full-profile, fluted heavy barrel and a detachable box magazine along with its beautiful blued finish and the HS Percision fiberglass stock.

The AXIS Stainless features a sleek, modern design and a silky-smooth bolt operation. In addition, it packs a very useful detachable box magazine. It is available as a rifle only and in a scoped package.

The American Classic Stainless packs the traditional American walnut stock, a jeweled bolt and the gorgeous stainless steel finish. Available both in short and long action configurations.

Savage also launched the Predator Hunter MAX 1 which is available only as a long-action model in 6.5 x 284 Norma. It is available with a synthetic AccuStock in Realtree Advantage Max 1 camo and has a matte finish. The gun is also fitted with a detachable box magazine as well as the AccuTrigger.

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  • becker S. says:
    Bought it with a Simmons .22 Mag 3-9X scope on it and is sighted in at 2 inches high @ 100 yards and shoots a very very close consistant pattern...
  • ryan k. tyler says:
    BPS 12 Gauge Stalker
    thanks to the top tang safety and the bottom ejection, both me (right-handed) and my son (left-handed) can use it...
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