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Ruger Stands Out

Recently launched American rifle series brings us newly designed models which will make this line of rifles more flexible by adding new features to the non-rimfire models. The new CNC machining technique is used for the bolt-action rifles are now cheaper, but their quality and reliability remained the same with the one that we have been used to.
It is important to notice that the new American rimfire has iron sights and they're mounted on a Williams fiber optic sight which is lighter and easier to use. Another impressive fact is that the American line has a feature which impresses plenty of customers, which is the modular stock with interchangeable cheek welds. Different stocks are being sold by piece and it is easy to put a standard one on a compact rifle and the other way around.
A good thing is that they've kept the way the trigger can be adjusted up to five pounds just like the base models on all four variants launched. The standard ones on 22-inch barrels, the compact with 18-inch barrels at 6 and 5,38 pounds are all built cheap and these new features won't cost much. Ruger succeeds again in keeping the balance between costs and performance.
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