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Remington recalls two rifles

Hunters wanting to buy a Remington rifle before the fall hunting season will have to deal with a penurious offer on the shelves of their favorite gun store.

The Remington Arms Co. issued a recall of its Model 700 and Model Seven rifles equipped with the X-Mark Pro Trigger. The reason was that some of these models could unintentionnaly discharge.

These recalls of firearms are not unusual. More than 30 firearms recalls are listed on The Gun Guy website.

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  • Becker Doug says:
    R-15 .450 Bushmaster
    This is the third rifle i ever bought and all i can say it is by far the best i had. although i paid a lot of money for it, it is just perfect...
  • R.mcallum says:
    85 Kodiak
    great rifle i have 2 sakos and 2 tikkas in my collection...
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