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Remington ammunition recall notice

Remington have reiterated an earlier notice which was issued as a product warning and recall notice. Twelve lots of its RANGER® 223 Remington 64 Grain Power-Point® (PP) center-fire rifle ammunition (Symbol Number RA223R2), are believed to have a distinct possibly of containing incorrect propellants. This may cause firearm damage, leaving it inoperable, but more importantly put the user or anybody in close proximity in real danger of serious injury. 

It is crucial that owners of these guns check the lot numbers stamped on the inside right tuck flap of the 20 round carton. Any with the last four characters which are either: DK01, DK11, DK21, DK31, DK41, DK51, DM70, DM80, DM90, DM01, DM11, or DM21, should be taken out of use immediately. Contact Winchester toll-free at 866-423-5224 to arrange for a straight forward pick up and replacement.
The majority have been located, but some are still in circulation, so it is important that the message is aired again. Any other lots which do not have the above mentioned characters at the end of the serial numbers are ok and their owners can be assured that their products are perfectly ok to continue to use.
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