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Remington's annual seminar

Remington just had its annual meeting that was focused on recreational shooting products and hunting. The company also unveiled some new firearms and technologies and also renewed some old ones.


Their seminar was held near Beckley in West Virginia. Some of the highlighted products were: the Remington 783 which received a massive price reduction and will be available in 2015 for $300 or less and the Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader that was in fact introduced earlier in 2014 and it's already very successful in the field but it will enter seriously in production in 2015.

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  • Jack Stewart says:
    A-Bolt II Hunter
    I purchased this very own model a month ago or so. I have to admit that I never owned a Browning rifle before...
  • Niles K. says:
    887 Nitro Mag Bone Collector
    This is the real deal. For any type of bird/waterfowl hunting, this it what you should use...
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