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Puritan, Entry Level POF piston-driver AR

POF, Patriot Ordnance Factory is launching a more accessible entry-level piston driven AR. Puritan maintains the short-stroke piston and the extraction system. Puritan’s price is nearly $1,000 less than the current rifles.


The rifle has an improved piston-driven system and a 16.5 inch barrel with a one-in-eight twist for use with a wide range of bullet weights. These features, as well as an adjustable gas piston system and a custom chamber design make the Puritan become an AR-15 that runs cool and that doesn’t suffer from problems like carrier tilt.


However, the Puritan is lighter, and has a weight of 6.7 pounds without the custom receivers and handguard assembly. Also, it is not equipped with sights, as these depend on the personal preferences. Even though it not as overbuilt as a P415 or P308 rifle, Puritan can be listed at a price of $1499.


The POF has an enhanced reliability and clean-running features. Therefore, those who are waiting and saving for the Puritan, this is a very good news.

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  • Mark richardson says:
    I bought mine about 5 years ago and ever since then i used it for quail hunting...
  • Craig Williamson says:
    114 American Classic Stainless
    i just bought a model 114 american classic and it is a awesome rifle. it has a great bolt design and a smooth action and holds a great pattern...
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