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Pennsylvania High School Leaves Rifle Team Out of the Yearbook

Emmaus High School disappointed a bunch of students who have graduated this year and their parents, by excluding the award-winning rifle team of the yearbook. The team is neither mentioned, nor photographed.
One of the parents, Chris Donatelli, has raised the issue to the school board. He has sustained his idea with valid arguments. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in finding anything. Apparently, no one knows the exact reason for the omission. 
The superintendent gave a brief and vague explanation of the problem, but Donatelli went on to the district director of athletics and student activities, Dennis Ramella, the yearbook adviser and the yearbook photographer. Ramella claimed he was excluded from the production of the yearbook. On the other hand Herb, the photograph, gave a copy of the photo to all the parents of the children in the rifle team, and also to the members of the team.
However, parents still ask themselves if the so-called “omission” of the rifle team is not a consequence of the controversial debate on gun control.
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