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Longer Deer Hunting Season In Tennessee Approved

A few days ago, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission approved the season which was proposed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which means that the season will debut on the Saturday Thanksgiving (November 19th) until January 1st. Hunters will also be able to hunt deer from January 7th until the 8th during the youth hunt. The previous deer gun hunting season was divided into two parts: November 6th - December 5th and December 18th - January 9th, while the youth hunt was conducted between January 15th and January 16th.


In addition, both the quail and turkey seasons have been modified. The quail hunting season has been shortened by a month, which means that it will start on November 5th, up until January 31st. As far as the turkey season is concerned, it has been extended from 12 to 14 days. The season will start on October 15th and will end on the 28th of the same month.


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission (TWRC) turned down a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) proposal that wanted to keep the modifications made to the hunting seasons for the next two years. This means that for 2012, TWRC will have to re-evaluate the seasons.

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  • Robb C says:
    870 Express
    Very good gun for the money even though older model 870's have a smoother action they were also heavier...
  • travis kittell says:
    Mini-14 Mini Thirty
    only once jamed on me alittle on the high price been dropping deer and others for 4years I love it. ...
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