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Introducing the Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock

The new slide fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock presents a user with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their skills with rapid-fire strings from a semi-automatic rifle. The system has been BATF approved after inspection for civilian ownership, and basically what it does is allow the shooter to trip the trigger much quicker.

It is easy to install, but needs to be mounted on an AR buffer tube which only takes a matter of minutes. There is no spring pressure, it simply slides freely backwards and forwards for approximately half an inch. There is a lockout feature on the bottom of the stock which permits the slide firearm feature to be disabled.
Practice makes perfect and after time a user can double his rounds per minute. It is extremely safe, with the forward pushing motion on the hand guard activating the system, also bringing the focus forward and into target, helping to control the rapidity of shooting. At present, they are only available for AR-15's, but should be extended to the AK-47, M1A and Saiga shotgun in the near future. 
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  • mekky says:
    T-Bolt Sporter
    very fun to shot with. I had a blast last week at a coyote hunting day with my buddies...
  • michael cartney says:
    Model 110 BA
    The accu-trigger brakes at a crisp 2.5#. In addition, the action is very very smooth and routinely shoots about 0.5 MOA...
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