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Introducing the Mannlicher Pro Hunter

Enter one of the hunting fraternity's most modern rifles in the shape of the Pro-hunter by Mannlicher. The exceptional SBS system complete with a three position safety mechanism makes this weapon extremely user-friendly, together with a tough and durable synthetic stock, which is fitted to react perfectly in rough hunting conditions and is available in gray or black. 

It is highly robust and is protected against corrosion by a special metal surface finish. The gun has an adjustable length of pull and comes in compact mountain or stainless steel variations. Sights come as an extra, but it does have detachable magazines and an optionally set trigger.  
The feel of the rifle is terrific making comfort a major factor. Weight wise it is around 8 pounds which is just about right to ensure no strains occur. All in all this is a really exciting piece of kit that is proving a hit for a growing number of hunters.
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  • John Crider says:
    BAR Safari
    i own one in .338 win mag best gun i've ever bought, a little pricy, i paid 1,300 for mine. got it with the muzzle break and BOSS, extremely accurate...
  • Jack Clausin says:
    BL-22 Grade 1
    This is the most accurate open sight 22 I have ever shot. It is light and fast on point....
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