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Georgia jeweler makes controversial rifle offer

A real contentious issue has come into focus in Atlanta Georgia, which seems to have split the opinions of its residents. Mike Geller, owner of a local jewelry outlet, has been promoting an offer which saw his store giving away a free hunting rifle to his customers, if they bought a diamond to the value of at least $2,499.

The man himself is understandably upbeat about the offer which he says he got the idea for from seeing a similar arrangement put forward by a car dealership in Missouri, which proved so popular that it actually ran out of cars! His view is that it is a great opportunity for hunters to get themselves an upgraded weapon and, at the same time, keep their wifes, girlfriends or partners happy, making it a win-win situation.
However some see it as bad press for the city and state, branding the action as amongst other things: irresponsible, idiotic and stupid. Geller pointed out in response that the guns are not simply handed over to the customer, they in actual fact receive a voucher which must be redeemed at Adventure Outdoors - a local gun dealer and will be subject to the rules and regulations that are in place for individuals owning a gun.
Although the offer ended at the weekend, Geller insists he will be doing it again very soon, so the controversy is set to continue.
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