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Florida may allow hunters to use silencers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will consider on September to permit deer, turkey and other animal hunters to have silencers, also known as suppressors. They don’t quite muffle shots down to the sinister pop heard in the movies. But people behind the project say that the hearing of the hunters will be protected and it will reduce a rifle’s recoil and they will allow people to hunt without bothering other people


People who don’t support this initiative, sat that this is going to be something dangerous for the environment because there will be a lot of poachers that will threaten public safety by reducing the noise that alerts people to the presence of hunters. Silencer supporters see no risk of increased poaching, since poachers could already use the devices if they're inclined to operate illegally.


The proposal before the wildlife commission is a draft. It will receive preliminary consideration at the September meeting, and if given a green light, go for final approval at a later meeting. The public will have a chance to speak at each meeting.

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