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ATF Raides Ares Armor

ATF executed search warrants on the two locations of Ares Armor, after a judge had given a restraining order to the business.


ATF classified the polymer lowers, which are included in the EP Armory, as firearms and apparently had requested those gun parts and the names of 5,000 clients in the database. As a result, Ares Armor has asked for protection.


The District Judge had granted ATF the application order Friday afternoon, allowing them to get prepared for Saturday’s raid. The order set aside the restraining order and prohibited Ares Amor to do anything with the already existing polymer lower receivers in their inventory.


ATF is required to file a response to Ares Armor’s restraining order by Monday morning. The hearing is set for March 20. 

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  • Steve says:
    770 Rifle/Scope Combo
    Solid weapon for the money. Felt the stainless barrel was worth the upgrade. ...
  • roger H. Harlod says:
    Model 101 Field
    got this baby on my 45th birthday and now i'm 55. it works like a charm. for small game it is the best i've used...
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