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AffiliatedAuctions.com Review

For anybody with an interest in guns - whether that be from a buying or selling view point - www.affiliatedauctions.com has some very useful information contained within it, that can be beneficial in both an advisory capacity, as well as being advantageous to your pocket.

Although they appraise and auction real estate, consignments of gold, silver coins and jewelery, it is their free evaluation service in relation to guns that really impresses. This includes traveling out to individual properties, insuring the weapon(s), carefully packing and transporting them to gun auction.
They appear to have a good appreciation of personal requirements of their consignors, with expertise available to discuss any queries in relation to the firearms; thus offering more than just a facility as a gun auction site. This type of website is a valuable companion for someone maybe looking to cash in on a rifle collection, or perhaps add to it. 
Judging by the testimonials, their appraisal team - which is USPAP certified - will ensure nothing significant is omitted from the auction description, therefore give a better opportunity for best price. Easy to navigate, upcoming events can be quickly located and browsing through past auctions will allow greater understanding of proceedings. 
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  • mikey blake says:
    Super X3 Walnut Field
    guess what ? I just got this beauty as a birthday gift !!!! yupee !!! looking forward to testing it in the field the coming days !!!...
  • Pygmaeus says:
    597 VTR .22 LR Rimfire
    I have fired aprox 2000 rounds through this rifle with only one FTF, which was cause by a swollen shell in the mag...
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