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4-H Small Bore Rifle Program Ends Today

During the 11 weeks, this program put an emphasis on safety so all the children that participated now know how to check if the gun is loaded, where to point the muzzle, along with other important safety tips. James Mitchell, leader of the 4-H Rifle Program, said that many students come into this program without any prior exposure to firearms, including gun safety. Besides learning how to handle a gun, the children also learned about hunting, along with other useful information.


In addition, they all found out more about positioning, aiming, marksmanship, breathing technique, and many more. Austin Hannatt has been in the program for about two years and he said that it is very important teaching children how to be a better hunter and it also broadens their field of awareness regarding guns in general.


He added that the program is not all about peer competition; it is mostly about doing your best. Shooting in the range is not competitive because the children do not compete one against each other. The leader of the program said that the program was initiated for providing valuable info and instruction to kids regarding how to handle a gun and teach the basics of hunting.

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