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15 States Have Strengthened Gun Control, Others Have Loosened Restrictions

After the unhappy event at Newton, all the states have been dealing with the ardent issue of gun control. While fifteen states have decided to strengthen gun control, the legislation about gun rights and control in other states has been passed, leading to the loosening of restrictions.


The most important goal to achieve for the American society is to protect its children from the danger implied by the guns. However, despite the fact that there have been many arguments considering the use of firearms, it is unknown so far how the laws will prevent dangerous people from being able to purchase them.


Among the proposed measures, there is illegal for someone under 21 to possess a handgun, as well as serious juvenile offenders, and restriction for purchasing and possessing of firearms for five years by individuals with a history of violence.


The fact is that after the Sandy Hook shooting, 1, 500 bills have been introduced throughout the United States. Only 109 passed into the law, of which 39 supposed strengthening gun restrictions and 70 supposed loosening.

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