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Silencers approved for the hunting season

Last week, The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory board approved the use of silencers/suppressors for this hunting season.


The new rule will go into effect before the fall hunting season. Even if the ban on silencers has been lifted, that doesn’t mean every hunter will have access to them. Buying them requires a lengthy, expensive approval and a lot of paperwork.


This approval was the right decision, because at least 30 other states already permit their use.

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  • stewart k. says:
    Mini-14 Tactical
    I owned the short version for a couple of years and it worked like a charm...
  • bob johnson says:
    Maxus Rifled Deer Stalker
    great gun to use out there in the field. me and my friends use it for hog hunting every once in a while when we have some free time...
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