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Mauser Hunting Rifles & Shotguns

In 1812, the Mauser factory was opened and it had 133 workers at the royal weapons factory in Oberndorf. In 1867, Paul and William Mauser manufactured a rifle using an improved and innovative rotating bolt system for breechloaders that was based on the Chassepot. In 1871 the company began the production of the Model 1871 which became the standard German infantry rifle, one of the most important Mauser guns ever produced. It was offered in several variations that were sold across the border in very large round variations (9.5mm – 11.5mm in caliber).


In the present, all of the products are Mauser rifles, offered in a wide array of options. The entry-level model is the M 03 Basic which has a barrel length of 23” and a total length of 44”. It is suitable for mini and standard calibers and a weight of 73/4 lbs. The M 03 Extreme has a high density, shatter free stock that boasts black non-slip elastomer inlays. The most important Mauser shotguns are the Gold or the Model 71 which are over and under shotguns with/without ejector and single/double trigger in different styles. These shotguns were manufactured in licensed production by Spanish and Italian manufacturers.


Mauser Rifles

The M 03 Mauser rifle is offered in the following variations: Basic, Extreme, Trail, Alpine, Stutzen, Match, Solid, Africa, Africa PH, Arabesque, De Luxe, Old Classic and Feature Explorer. Other Mauser hunting rifles are the M 98 which are machined out of one solid piece of high-grade steel. These rifles have a reliable 3-position wing safety and steel PG cap. The M 98 has a high magazine capacity and easy unloading capabilities. The most popular five models in their current catalog of centerfire rifles are the M 03 Stutzen, M 03 Solid, M 98 Magnum, M 03 Old Classic and the M 03 Trail. The Mauser company also produced a couple of rimfire models like the C1896 Pistol, C1910, C1914, C1934 and the HSc model.


Mauser Shotguns

In their history, there were a few Mauser shotguns, and one of the most important is the Model 98. The first edition of this shotgun conversions appear around 1919-20 in Suhl, Germany. A full-choke, 12-gauge model was offered initially and later a 16-gauge, branded as Remo II. Remo models are rare and difficult to spot at a show because they look so much like fine, old German sporting rifles. The Mauser shotgun Model 98 in its stock version had a retained and modified magazine. The shell was held in place by an innovative and very clever pivoting shell stop that screwed to the bottom of the action. As the bolt was fully retracted, the left locking lug trips the shell stop, allowing the shell to pop up and be caught under the shell guide. It was a reliable system as the feeding; firing, extracting and ejecting took place without any problems.


The best Mauser rifle has to be the Model 98 launched on April 5, 1898 after a 7 month trial period. International breakthrough follows with the introduction of the "Model 98" in the 8 x 57 caliber variation. Later on, in World War I it became the most significant rifle for the German infantry. The active troops were equipped with the "98 Rifle" successively until 1907 and the reserve troops until 1912. Approximately 100 million 98 Rifles have been produced.

Mauser Hunting Scopes

The most important Mauser rifle scope is the Yugo 48, manufactured in the United States. The mount of the scope replaces the rear sight on the rifle (suitable for the 98 Model). This gives the hunter a scout type system and a long eye relief scope is needed, such as a pistol scope. The scope mount is precision machined from T-351 Aircraft Aluminum and accepts any Weaver style. There are many Mauser scopes suitable mostly for the 98 Model which was and still is the most important rifle the German company produced.


Mauser firearms played a significant role in WWI and their 98 Model will always have its place in the history of firearms developed for military and civilian purposes. What started in 1834 continues into the 21st century with the same excellent rifles built at the highest German standards in Oberndorf / Neckar.

M 98 Magnum
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The Magnum version of the M 98 from Mauser has been fitted with a selected, checkered walnut stock with grade 5 cheek piece and a rigby-style magazine cover. It sports a rosewood forend tip and a Magnum field recoil pad. Other highlights include the steel PG cap and the single stage trigger.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .375 H&HCaliber: .375 H&H
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 9.25Weight: 9.25 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 46Overall Length: 46 inch
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M 98 Basic
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It comes with the Mauser 98 action that has been machined out of one solid piece of high-grade steel and benefits from three lugs and a square bridge. In addition, it has been fitted with a 3-position wing safety, a high magazine capacity and a rosewood forearm tip.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .22-250 Rem.Caliber: .22-250 Rem.
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 8Weight: 8 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 44Overall Length: 44 inch
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M 03 Old Classic
rifle review
This model features an M 03 Colour case hardening for the trigger and the magazine base. Thanks to its lavish custom color case hardening of the system, trigger and the base of the magazine, this model from Mauser is a real eye-catcher and has a matte black finish on the action.
Centerfire RifleType: Centerfire Rifle .308 Win.Caliber: .308 Win.
Bolt-ActionSubtype: Bolt-Action 7 3/4Weight: 7 3/4 lbs.
MauserBrand: Mauser 44Overall Length: 44 inch
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  • david says:
    700 BDL
    Astounding accuracy, even with high grade shelf ammo... a beautiful rifle that responds to being held and squeezed just right. What a gun....
  • Brad Olson says:
    Model 70 Featherweight
    Best Bolt Action Rifle I have ever owned. It is light, accurate, and as appealing to look at as any rifle I have ever seen....
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