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Quad Varmint
Quad Varmint The Sako Quad Varmint has heavy, free-floating barrels that have been cold hammer-forced. The gun's walnut stock is oil-finished has a wide fore-end. The straight stock sports ambidextrous palm swell and a recoil pad system where the length of pull can be changed by using the spacers. The rifle's sliding safety catch that was installed rear from the bolt handle can lock the trigger and the bolt. It has a 5-round clip magazine for various caliber choices.
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Category Brand CaliberBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Bolt-Action Sako 22 LR2240 3/87 3/4
Model 2 Bolt-Action Sako 22 WMRF2240 3/87 3/4
Model 3 Bolt-Action Sako 17 HMR2240 3/87 3/4
Model 4 Bolt-Action Sako 17 Mach 22240 3/87 3/4
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  • David Hightower says:
    870 Wingmaster
    Best Shotgun EVER made for the money. Handle it... practice with it... love it... it will take anything you aim for. Why pay more.....
  • Ken says:
    Rotary Magazine 77/44
    Sighted scope in at 30 Yards shot at 100 still dead on. 11 year old son shot a Texas Dall at 175yds with this baby....
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