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TriStar Viper G2 Left-Handed Version

The gun reflects the expansion of TriStar company, which gives left-handed people the opportunity to enjoy the Viper G2, a 12-gauge, lightweight and reliable rifle. As features, it has chromed-lined barrels and three full cylinders.

The original version of the Viper was meant for people who have trouble in getting used to the recoil effect, such as women or young hunters. Not only is it light and precise, but it also gives the shooter a pleasant feeling after having fired it.
It is a good looking and efficient rifle at a fair price. In terms of accuracy and quality of its components, both are great and ensure a good functioning of the Viper even after a long-term usage. 
What is even more interesting is the fact that the barrels have a fiber optic sight, thus proving the fact that even if TriStar has increased the quality of the components, the price is the same. The rifle easily adapts to any regulations, a feature which all the hunters are looking for.
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  • david says:
    700 BDL
    Astounding accuracy, even with high grade shelf ammo... a beautiful rifle that responds to being held and squeezed just right. What a gun....
  • ham says:
    700 SPS DM Tactical
    i love this gun it is an all around good gun. this gun is for EVERYONE!!!...
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