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The new upgraded Burris FourX Illuminated Reticle Scope

As a long established and highly respected manufacturer of rifle optics, Burris continues to lead the way with innovative developments and their latest offering has again taken them to another level. In the new upgraded Burris FourX Illuminated Reticle Scope they have incorporated all their knowledge and expertise gathered over a period of forty years, to create a top of the range scope of superior specifications, yet still at an affordable price of £580.
With the addition of an integrated power ring, the re-designed FourX now presents fast and easy operation, plus its illumination is astonishing, with 11 levels of brightness at your fingertips. The scope is completely waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen which will prevent the fogging that can be so frustrating.
It has been stringently tested, not just in the lab, but also out in the real world, by a group of their experienced workforce, to ensure that it not only meets but actually exceeds expectations, for its quality of performance. The very fact that they are throwing into the bargain a ten year guarantee only serves to demonstrate just how much confidence they have in their new product. They have all the hunting enthusiasts in their sights.
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  • Walter Kind, USA says:
    Weather Warrior Series
    Terrific rifle! Love the Accustock – perfect balance and feel. I recommend it with ballistic tip bullets!...
  • Brian says:
    AXIS Stainless
    Got this gun, and love it....very good gun for the money. And an you say accurate!!!...
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