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The new Browning Citori 725 approaches release


Browning are continuing to publish several teaser promotions in the lead up to the forthcoming launch of the eagerly awaited Citori 725. This new version is said to bring long lasting durability, to add to the full-width hinge pin and tapered locking bolt design of previous interpretations. It showcases the FireLite mechanical trigger, which will allow a previously unmatched feel, bringing about a far more comfortable shooting experience and as a consequence, improve the overall performance.
In this new adaptation, it no longer is reliant on recoil for a follow up shot, due to the fact that this trigger has immediate second shot capacity. The added control it brings coupled with reduced muzzle jump are just two of the massive benefits it brings to the field. The general belief is that this modification actually makes the shotgun behave as if it was, in some way, an extension of the users body.
More details of even more of the additional improvements which have been developed on this weapon can be expected in coming weeks, as excitement grows ahead of the guns release into the public domain. There is a real anticipation that the lower profile Citori 725 is something very special.
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