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The M50 Reising Submachine

H&R started producing rifles from the beginning of WWII, a time of uncertainty, when the gun industry was at its highest peak. Reising had already produced the Thompson, which was a heavy and expensive brutal weapon. It seemed to have more flaws, that’s why Reising and his engineer, who had been working with John Browning, wanted to build a better one.
This is how the M50 Submachine appeared. Only the looks of the two guns resembled. The M50 had a wood stock and was capable to take 12 or 20 round box magazines of .45 ACP ammunition. Also, the weight was considerably reduced from approx 11 pounds to 6.8.
With this new design, the guns were sent to the Navy and Marine units in combat. However, it still had bugs and there were times when the soldiers could not even fire them, as they were rusty. In three years time, they were pulled from combat. 
Today, the M50 can be a great piece in your collection. Also, there was a time when H&R manufactured a semi-auto only version of the Reising. This has a 18.5-inch barrel and is very scare, therefore highly collectible.
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  • mason k. says:
    700 SPS Varmint Rifle
    I needed somethin' that was accurate straight out of the box, i got lucky with the 700 sps. It easily shoot 3-4 inch groups at 800 yds...
  • Tim Campbell says:
    I have used this rifle for small game and target shooting for 3 years .I couldn't be happier with it.Its one of my favorites in my safe!...
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