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The Benelli R1 introduces a chambering upgrade

The Benelli R1 has always been a highly thought of semi-automatic hunting rifle, but it has moved to a completely different level with a massive increase in power now being displayed, following the introduction of the advanced chambering, suitable for a .338 Winchester Magnum, as part of the latest upgrade. This realistically means it can now take on, and more often than not, get the better of, pretty much any hunted game you could care to mention in North America.

With its Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) compact mechanism, the reliability of the rifle is dramatically improved, with its wonderfully smooth functionality. Its textured materials enables a slip-proof trigger action, leaving the operator with a feeling of total control at all times. It has a bolt face extractor, plunger ejector, a safety trigger system which incorporates a blocking crossbolt, and a 3-round detachable steel box capacity.
In addition, the lightweight feel of the gun now results in a much less ferocious recoil than previously experienced. A Benelli spokesman confirmed the company's delight at the improvements and high hopes for a period of positive movement of sales of the weapon. 
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  • becker S. says:
    Bought it with a Simmons .22 Mag 3-9X scope on it and is sighted in at 2 inches high @ 100 yards and shoots a very very close consistant pattern...
  • ryan k. tyler says:
    BPS 12 Gauge Stalker
    thanks to the top tang safety and the bottom ejection, both me (right-handed) and my son (left-handed) can use it...
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