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The AR7 Air Force Survival Gun

It is s true that .22 long rifles are very popular among hunters, but all of them would enjoy a rifle that could be easily carried around and still be able to fire. Such is the case with the AR7.

It first appeared in the 1930s, and was designed for aircrews lost in remote areas, which needed a small caliber survival rifle. It suffered various transformations as time went by. In the 1950s, Eugene Stoner improved it, making it smaller and better. 
What is actually intriguing about it is the fact that it could be divided into smaller parts and stored in the hollow stock. The gun was 31-inches long and weighted under 3 pounds.
Then, the rifle was redesigned as a semi-automatic 22 long rifle with a 16.1-inch barrel. However, it now has serious competition from Ruger 10/22 Takedown, which has almost the same dimensions, and a more reliable action.
When it appeared, the AR7 was extremely ingenious and efficient, as no other gun could have been carried around so easily and still be used for small game. Everybody enjoys a rifle that can fit in your backpack. 
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  • Thomas S. says:
    1100 Premier Sporting
    i was able to shoot my first 25 straight with it. I like the loong length and the smooth swing. The felt recoil is almost inexistent...
  • Dave Maes says:
    R-15 VTR Tactical
    with the right handloads I can print .376" @ 100 yds....
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