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Tactical AR Scopes Debut by Primary Arms and Bushnell

Since the .30-30, AR-15 have been the most popular carbines. The so-called “black rifles” have spread throughout the world, being more and more customizable.
Bushnell and Primary Arms are introducing a new series of scopes, especially designed for the aftermarket. There are six new riflescopes included in the AR Optics product line, ranging from 1-4x scopes (close target acquisition) to a .4.5-18x scope designed for extended range shooting. It is said that a 1.6x close to medium range shooting scope is on the point of being unveiled.
As main features, all the scopes ensure a light transmission, and are built with solid tubes. They are waterproof and resistant to impact. Also, what is extraordinary about these scopes is their price. Both companies are known to have provided shooters with high quality scopes at affordable prices. That is why, with the exception of Bushnell’s rimfire scope, the prices range from 200 to 300$.
Whatever scope you choose, it will definitely improve your rifles’ shooting. Bushnell may bring a new line of scopes, but Primary Arms is doing more than that, by taking things to a higher level.
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  • mekky says:
    T-Bolt Sporter
    very fun to shot with. I had a blast last week at a coyote hunting day with my buddies...
  • Donald L Greene says:
    10/22 Semi-Automatic Rimfire
    Bought as a replacement for Nylon 10C. Great rifle, fun, and readily available accessaries. Great rifle, looking at Mini-14 now....
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