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McMillan .50 - The New Precision Rifle with a 3,100 Yards Range

The producers of the new and improved long-range sniper rifle announced the upcoming production of such a rifle which will require a minimum of human assistance. The main advantage is the fact that the range will increase up to three times.
Considering the partnership with McMillan a successful one, Tracking Point are thinking about building their ultimate rifle on the basis of McMillan .50 BMG rifle. However, they haven’t declared anything yet. This super gun will have a .50 cartridge, one of the most popular in long-distance shooting, and smart scopes, but they will certainly have to work on its efficiency and reliability in any kind of environment, for the special forces to take them in consideration.
Then, there is the price. The PGRs already on the market have an astonishing price of about 25,000$ each, which would be too much for the army to pay, that’s for sure.
With the improvement of long-distance rifles, all the excitement and adrenaline will be lost – shooting skills will no longer be required and the rifle itself will do almost everything. Shooting will change, that’s for sure.
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